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Welcome to the Webpages of

his webpage is the result of an attempt to teach myself HTML so I could make a have to respect the way the logic comes full circle on that one. It's a Logic Circle. Fear not, however, for there will be no Logic Rhombuses (or Logic Rhombi, if you prefer), Logic Elipses, or Logic Dodecahedrons on this page. It's just that user-friendly. What you will find are thrilling pictures and short MPG clips of our new homestate of Arizona and of our pets. If that doesn't thrill you, you're worse than Hitler; there, I said it. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is merely the website of two grown and childless men with nothing more to do than follow their pets around with high-tech gadgetry...we also have houseplants, many of which are still alive (pictures to be posted soon)! There is also a link to my (John) BLOG, a web journal in which you can read about the many wacky antics of the Frommelt/Burns household, as well as preview the manuscript of "Like, Wow," a dramatic musical comedy about a cro-magnon hippie who somehow travels forward in time to our distant future and discovers love, international intrigue, and the spirituality of dance as a transgendered pizza delivery person. Below are some links you may click...and something* may or may not happen. Oh, the suspense! This is a work in progress, so come on back for exciting forthcoming features and updates!

y the way, the banners, pop-ups, and ads are not my fault. It's all part of the free webhosting thing. I'd pay for a better host, but, well, what have you done for me lately?

*"Something" could mean anything, such as unexpected computer infection/s, erasure, explosion/s, or collapse/s of a third-word nation/s. By clicking any link/s you agree to hold the creators of this page blameless for any damage/death that may occur during the viewing of this/these page/s in perpituity.