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Of our two dogs, Mesa is the fuzzy cute one people try to pet; the irony of course is that she is in fact the mean one. She's never bitten anyone, but there is a "Will Bite" sticker on her folder at the vet's office from one too many close calls. She's been mistaken for both a wolf and a fox. When we got her, we were told she was a Lab/Great Dane mix; she seems to be neither.


Dougal is an Austrailan Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. Can you believe we found him at an animal shelter? Look at that face! Who in their right mind would give him up? Dougal is named after Father Dougal McGuire from the BBC sitcom "Father Ted." You'd have to see the show to know why the name is so perfect. Dougal loves everything and everyone and is often unjustly accused of being ugly. We think he's beautiful.

Dougal has taught himself to use the ice maker. I don't like to discourage him from doing's the smartest thing he's ever done.

Mesa:Scene Stealer.

Dougal's rules for playing fetch: 1)Chase the ball only if Mesa wants it, too. 2)Once the ball has been obtained (through any means necessary), do not return the ball to the human who threw it. 3)Evade all game participants, and retreat with the ball to a safe corner of the yard and guard it viciously. 4)When second ball is thrown, attempt to obtian second ball without dropping the first. 5)Ignore the humans laughing at you.

Untamed, wild, vicious. The Discovery Channel presents a rare, disturbing photo of fierce wild dogs and their savage attack, under cover of darkness, on an age-old foe: the water sprinkler.

Part Dog, Part Orca.